Setting the Pace

One word to describe our kickoff to the new year; strong. We are incredibly busy with new listings, new team members, and new process changes. 2020 has spoken and we are running with it.

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Are they actually that busy?” Yes. For a local brokerage full of 14 sales driven employees, we are rocking it! The amount of new listings between January 1st and now, have accumulated to approximately 20 properties. We are generating at a higher pace than usual, and don’t plan to stop there.

Growth in all Areas

You got the low-down on what we are focusing on performance wise, now let’s get to the exciting part. Question: Have you ever posted something on social media and keep getting more followers? Pretty cool feeling right? Right. Imagine running a company, and watching the number of employees increase. This essentially means the business is doing well and as a matter of fact, we are doing well. Allow us to introduce you to our two new team members:

George Brusco, CCIM – This friendly face joined our team as a Broker Associate, and carried over several amazing properties with him which added on to the large amount of listings we cranked out in the month of January. Due to his extensive background, we knew he would make a great addition to our sales force. Mr.Brusco is a CCIM member and CPA certified. (Just to brag a little)

McQuade Lyons – You may recognize him as we was our intern throughout the previous years. Now that he has graduated college from Niagara University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing in the latter of 2019. He has officially joined our squad as a Sales Associate.

Marketing Shift

Though we cross out T’s and dot our I’s with email marketing, package design and advertisement campaigns, we are striving to show more of a presence through social media networking. LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing professional networking sites and we are already in the works with utilizing it. You will see fun videos on our YouTube channel, and of course interaction over Facebook and Instagram.

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An Active Industry

Activity is healthy, and we do just about everything. We live here and stay active in the community. As a team, we are extremely focused on doing deals within our city while watching our hard work blossom into a positive impact. We aren’t just devoting our time towards “Leasing and Selling”, we are continuously consulting on projects, bringing new tenants to the market and joyfully selling all of the positive attributes our area has to offer.

Moving Forward

All in all, we are excited to keep running with the fast pace of this market, build a bigger team and continue to provide a trusted service to our clients.