Katie Hawkins was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan where she grew her passion for Graphic Design and Marketing. Katie began diving into her field during her early High School years and furthered her education at Specs Howard School of Media Arts where she studied Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Branding and Communications. While going to school and working full time, she was also accepted into the Graphic Design Internship program at Greater Media Detroit, which lead the most popular ranked radio stations in the Metro Detroit area. After completing her internship, she then went on to graduate top of her class, with honors.

Post graduation, Katie has worked in several spectrums of the Graphic Design atmosphere. Starting with Print Design for several years, she grew into digital media marketing and grasped a strong concept on Branding Guidelines as well as Internal Communication Design. Katie has extensive knowledge in typography, color theory and stays up-to-date on the latest trends. She also maintains her own freelance design company on top of her day-to-day career. In addition to her skill set, Katie serves a “yes before no” mentality and is ready for a new challenge every day.

After serving as a Communications Designer in the Mortgage Lending industry for the last 3 years, she is eager to dive into Commercial Real Estate and start 2019 off strong with her new team at Ian Black. Her marketing strategy focuses on rebranding the IBRE company marketing collateral by adding a new and improved spin on flyers, brochures and packages. In addition to revamping design concepts, Katie is also excited to go live on all necessary Social Media Platforms across the board while creating a “face” for her team on the internet. She has her eyes set on increasing more community awareness; with the goal of maintaining current relationships and forming new business.

Outside of her career, Katie enjoys staying active and healthy as she practices yoga, martial arts and soccer. She strives for positivity, independence and pushes herself every day. She is a firm believer in following her dreams and is dedicated to spiritual, mental and physical growth.

“Self-belief is the greatest power we have as humans.” – Cody Garbrandt.

Email: Katie Hawkins