Graduating from Texas A&M University with a Journalism degree Steven roved the broadcast news landscape in an era before VHS was known. After reporting on booming real estate development Steven recognized the opportunity to “retool” and graduated with a Master’s degree in Land Development also from Texas A&M University. 

Moving to Washington, D.C. Steven and his wife, Nancy, commenced careers in real estate development and architecture. During this time Steven first encountered developing retail opportunities for end users and a passion was found. 

“The experience of creating the real estate deal and being there when the customer makes a purchase is highly satisfying”, said Steven. 

Over the course of 40 years he has helped national retailers implement growth plans throughout the USA and Canada.  Most recently Steven was a member of the Detwiler Farm Market team as Director of Store Development and lead the successful opening of their two new large format concepts of 45,000 sf. 

“The seismic economic shift has destabilized retailers portfolios while creating challenges to maintaining their lease obligations,” says Steven “While landlords seek assistance with defining paths allowing their tenants to retool leased space to meet the new behaviors of customers.”

IBRE’s laser focus upon defining commercial solutions using a highly collaborative team environment attracted Steven.

Passions for real estate and travel accompanies Steven’ s joy in helping people achieve their goals. Steven seeks to learn from other folks expertise while offering his experiences to help people.  The word 

“men-tern” defines being a mentor while also having the attitude of being an intern. “Men-terns” are key to forming highly collaborative environments where the whole team is fostered to higher levels by the collective efforts of each team member. 

IBRE is the leading brand dominating commercial based real estate knowledge in the market. Notice the focus is upon “knowledge” due to the strength of their carefully selected team members expertise. 

“You can take a test and become a broker, but you need to demonstrate specialized expertise and teamwork to add value to a client.” says Steven.

A career in retail real estate has taught Steven to cherish truly collaborative team environments and the values great teams live.

“Collaborative team members have the strength to transparently share their knowledge in the effort to elevate the team to achieve greater objectives. My interactions with IBRE demonstrated they understand how to create, build and live a team concept.”

“A successful team is focused upon select specialties and having the best team member in each position. The IBRE team is known for their focus solely upon commercial real estate investments without distraction by other real estate transactions.”

Steven’s 40 year career in retail real estate includes work throughout North America and with every retail real estate type be it malls, shopping centers or free standing sites. He has worked with various retail concepts in the form of coffee, grocery, tires, shoes, jewelry and apparel to name a few. “Most important is to define the best path to achieve ROI for capital invested by creating an implementable plan.” says Steven. “Today we need to focus on seizing opportunities to adapt retail real estate into meeting the needs of users and customers.” 

Email: Steven Larkin